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Virtual CFO Services: Unfortunately Promoters / Owners are not omnipresent, though they have an option to appoint a trusted advisor to keep them appraised as well as manage the show when they are busy somewhere else. Also at times, you need a high calibre financial expert but the size of operations is holding you back to appoint one. In these situations, VGrow Advisors may provide you with the right solution of Virtual CFO who may act as per your briefing and provide the necessary inputs for you to be present at all locations without your physical presence.
MIS Development and Review: Management Information System (MIS) provides critical financial and operational information to management for taking timely decisions and thus effectively managing the Business. MIS provides a dynamic, well-laid and reliable tool in arriving at the right and timely decisions.
This, however, does not always mean a complex exercise to churn-out complicated reports every month. A simple well laid-out relevant information may be sufficient to facilitate informed decisions, review and control. We at VGrow Advisors are equip to design and implement an effective MIS System as per your needs. We can also assist you in periodic review of MIS reports so that you may concentrate only on the core business or Key Performance Indicators rather than all the numbers.
Outsourcing Support: For Corporates focusing on core-competency as well as Companies facing pressure of economic recession, re-organizing internal processes is a logical way to free-up management bandwidth to focus on end-customer as well as to reduce costs. In this endeavour process re-engineering and outsourcing play a critical role. Globally, there has been an emerging trend of businesses and large corporations outsourcing their financial processes, especially accounting processes, payroll and employee management processes, customer servicing processing, etc. to specialized professionals for better management of their time and resources.
Similarly, certain business transactions are critical to the operations. Accurate recording and retrieval of this information is important and any errors or omissions are simply not acceptable. VGrow Advisors specialises in providing requisite expertise essential to ensure immaculate processing and/or independent validation and review of such transactions and underlying documentation.
At VGrow Advisors we endeavour to provide Outsourcing Services for all your financial functions including Accounting, Payroll, Customer Accounts Management, Monthly Financial Reconciliations, etc. so that these activities may be handled by experts and the work is delivered with utmost quality in a timely manner.
Secretarial Support: VGrow Advisors also has the expertise to provide full Secretarial Support for your company. The breadth of our secretarial expertise includes simple functions say, annual and other routine submissions to Ministry of Company Affairs (MCA) to complex M&A situations. We can assist you in all your Company Law, Security Law, FEMA and FDI matters.
Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Services : We are also equipped to provide complete IPR services to our clients. Our IPR Services range from Registration of Trademarks and Copyright to complete advisory related to IPR such as process and class of registrations, legal assistance in case of infringement of IPR, Opinions related to IPR matters, etc.
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