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Risk Advisory: In today world where Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Enterprise Risk Management are no more jargons any more, VGrow Advisors offer its Clients an end-to-end solution for all their Risk Advisory solutions as a "One Stop Solution" to Clients. Our Risk Advisory Services are customised to your business needs and your work environment from a simple Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) review to an Enterprise level review encompassing all aspects of risk, business process improvement, cost effectiveness and regulatory compliance, as the case may be.
Similarly, for companies facing whistleblower allegations, government inquiries, or other allegations regarding possible improprieties, a careful investigation into financial irregularities is essential. To assess impact, enormous amount of complex financial information needs to be distilled into a readily analyzable form. Early action is crucial so that financial impact can be appropriately vetted, wrongdoing can be assessed and addressed. Thus, strong ethics can be demonstrated, and steps can be taken to protect shareholders' value. VGrow's Advisory Corporate Investigation practice group possess the financial acumen, forensic accounting and investigatory skills, and technological know-how to conduct effective corporate investigations spanning many levels of scope and complexity. Our clients rely on our skills to help conduct independent internal investigations and to support them in defending the company or individual(s) falling under the scrutiny.
In Business Advisory, we provide custom-made solutions to unique 'Areas of concern' or 'Decision making' for our Clients. These include an in-depth analysis of financial and operating information to identify, assess and address 'root-cause' of an undesirable trend say, lower revenues, declining profitability, working capital mismanagement. Further, we assist management to take decisions with authority, backed-up by verifiable data or at times, guide them to the best available solution in the given scenario. We as Independent Advisors take the onus on ourselves 'to call spade a spade'.
Hence, we always strive to be a Strategic Business Advisors by focusing on continuous business improvement for taking you in the direction towards meeting your organisational objectives.
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